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Low price Glass Lined Vessel

2021-04-22 02:03   Furniture & Appliances   Burnaby   39 views

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Cone bottom glass lined reactor
Equipment name: Cone bottom glass lined reactor
Equipment specifications: 5~80000L
Equipment pressure: -0.1~1.0Mpa
Equipment temperature: -19~200鈩?/p>
Equipment design service life: 10 years
a. Glass lined reactor introduction
Glass-lined reactor equipment is to line the inner surface of steel container with glass containing high silica, and then it is burnt at high temperature to firmly adhere to the metal surface. It is commonly used in petrochemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries to complete sulfonation, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes, as well as reaction equipment for many other processes of organic dyes and intermediates.
b. Medium and materials not suitable for glass lined reactor
The glass lined reactor has strong corrosion resistance and stability under high pressure and high temperature environments, making it widely used in the chemical industry, suitable for production materials containing various concentrations of organic acids, inorganic acids, organic solvents and weak bases and other media or materials Chemical processes such as reaction, polymerization, storage, and heat exchange. However, it does not have defensive capabilities against some chemical raw materials, which are roughly as follows:
1. Hydrofluoric acid of any concentration and temperature, and media or materials containing fluoride ions;
2. Glass lined reactor is not suitable for hydrofluoric acid of any concentration and temperature and medium or materials containing fluoride ion;
3. Phosphoric acid media or materials with a concentration greater than 30% and a temperature greater than 180掳C;
4. The hydrochloric acid medium or material with a concentration of 10-20% and a temperature greater than 150掳C;
5. Sulfuric acid media or materials with a concentration of 10-30% and a temperature greater than 200掳C;
6. Alkaline media or materials with a pH value greater than 12 and a temperature higher than 100掳C;
7. The reaction process of alternating acid and alkali materials.
Please keep in mind that the above several chemical raw materials are not suitable for glass lined reactors, and should avoid reacting with them, otherwise it will cause corrosion damage and other problems, causing unnecessary safety problems or economic losses.
c. How to export static electricity on the inner wall of an glass lined reactor
In the reaction process of the glass lined reactor, the static electricity generated in the kettle will affect safety, etc. How to export the static electricity in the glass lined reactor has always been a relatively difficult problem to solve, so the following methods are generally adopted for reference only :
1. For materials with flammable and explosive liquids, the reactor must control the speed not to exceed 80r/min. The temperature measuring sleeve is made of metal, and the stainless steel sleeve is suitable. It is better to insert it until the stirring is not touched. The metal sleeve is connected to the electrostatic grounding outside the kettle.ration of the equipment during use and operation, and more effectively extend the service life of the equipment.low price Glass Lined Vessel